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 General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions
of Uv Trading for Supply to Consumers through Traser-Time Shop

Uv Trading is registered under registration number 56552459 at the chamber of commerce in the Netherlands. Address: Burg vd Voort van Zijplaan 30, NL-3571VW Utrecht.

Traser-Time Shop is an online shop for watches and related products. Traser-Time Shop is part of Uv Trading.

These general terms and conditions are in conformity with the Dutch law "Wet Verkoop op Afstand" (translated: "Law Distance Sales"). This law is an implementation of European legislation and aims at a better protection of the consumer at agreements that have been closed on distance.

You as counterpart, a natural person not acting in the exercise of a profession or company, hereafter called "Consumer", accept the general terms and conditions by placing an order.

Article 1. General

These general terms and conditions apply to every offer and agreement between Uv Trading and the Consumer on which Uv Trading has declared these general terms and conditions applicable, unless parties have deviated these conditions explicitly and in writing.

These conditions also apply to agreements with Uv Trading, for the implementation of which third parties must be used.

Uv Trading is authorized to refuse orders or ask for additional information. If an order is not accepted the Consumer is informed with an explanation of the reason.

Article 2. Tenders and Offers

All tenders and offers of Uv Trading are without engagement, unless a period for acceptance has been set in the tender. A tender or offer expires if in the meantime the product to which the tender or the offer is related is no longer available.

Uv Trading can not be kept to its tenders or offers if the Consumer can understand reasonably that the tenders or offers, or a component of it, contain an obvious mistake or error.

Prices mentioned in a tender or offer include VAT, as well as costs to be made within the framework of the agreement, including send - and administration costs, unless differently declared. The VAT rate for non-EU residents is 0%.

Offers or tenders do not apply automatically to future orders.

Article 3. Payment

Payment methods are indicated during the order process of Traser-Time Shop. To a payment method an additional charge may apply. An automatically generated confirmation is send to the consumer by e-mail with all relevant data for the order, including payment data. The following payment methods are available:

  • Online with a creditcard (Mastercard, Visa and American Express for the Netherlands, for other countries other credit cards are available, among which Diners Club and Discover). Payment is processed by PayPal Payment Service, a PayPal account is not needed for paying with a credit card. Because authorization is done real time, the Consumer knows immediately if a payment is completed successfully. For online payments no additional charge applies.
  • Online with a iDEAL. For this payment method a Dutch bank account is required. Because authorization is done real time, the Consumer knows immediately if a payment is completed successfully. For online payments no additional charge applies.
  • Online with a PayPal account. Because authorization is done real time, the Consumer knows immediately if a payment is completed successfully. For online payments no additional charge applies.
  • Pay in advance by a bank transfer. The Consumer can pay the total order amount within 8 days mentioning the payment id. All necessary payment information can be found in the e-mail confirmation sent to the Consumer after placing an order. In case the ordered products are on stock they will be reserved for the Consumer for 8 days.
  • Cash on Delivery (only for the Netherlands). The Consumer pays the total order amount to the mail man on delivery if it concerns an address in the Netherlands. For this payment method an additional fee of € 15,00 applies. In case of a high total order amount Uv Trading can request a for partial payment in advance.

Article 4. Delivery and Delivery Time

The consumer is responsible for swift and correct supply of the data necessary for the implementation of the agreement, among which address data, to Uv Trading. The delivery time does not begin before the Consumer has made this information correctly and entirely available to Uv Trading.

Ordered products which are on stock are shipped within 2 working days after reception of payment. Products which are not on stock are taken in backorder for the Consumer, the Consumer is informed about this. Products taken in backorder are usually available for sending to the Consumer after 2 up to 10 working days, this is however indicative and never a fatal period. If it takes longer before shipping can take place Uv Trading must carry out the agreement within a reasonable period of time.

The consumer is up to the moment of delivery entitled to unilaterally dissolve the agreement if delivery has not taken place within 30 calendar days after the production of the agreement.

Uv Trading has the right to use third parties for carrying out the agreement.

The consumer is obligated to accept products at the moment on which these are provided to him, or the moment these are available for him according to the agreement.

Article 5. Property and Risk

All products provided within the framework of the agreement remain property of Uv Trading until the consumer has complied with all obligations of the agreement soundly. The risk of damage or loss proceeds at the moment of delivery of the products.

Article 6. Acceptance and Time for Reflection

The Consumer can dissolve the agreement without statement of reason within 14 calendar days after delivery, afterwards the products are considered to have been accepted. In the case of dissolution the Consumer is responsible for returning the products unused and in original packing, as well as the associated invoice. The costs of returning are at the expense of the Consumer. After Uv Trading has received the returned products in good order the purchase amount will be payed back to the Consumer as soon as possible.

Article 7. Complaints

The consumer must examine the products at delivery - or as quick as possible afterwards - to make sure the provided products answer to the agreement.

A visible lack or shortcoming is observed, then the Consumer must inform Uv Trading within 3 days after delivery about the compaint complaint. A complaint must be made by the Consumer by e-mail, letter or fax.

Complaints concerning the implementation of the agreement or the quality of provided products will seriously be handled by Uv Trading. Uv Trading will try to resolve the complaint as soon as possible, yet at the latest within 14 working days. The consumer is informed by means of e-mail by Uv Trading.

Article 8. Warranty

Uv Trading guarantees that its products satisfy to normal requirements of soundness and usability. All offered products are provided with a factory warranty such as these have been determined by the concerning manufacturer. Guarantees given for products by the manufacturer or distributor are transfered to the Consumer. Pay attention! Battery, glass, crown and strap are usually not covered by the warranty given on watches.

The consumer can get into contact directly with the manufacturer or distributor in case of a failure within the warranty period. Uv Trading will always actively support the Consumer in case of a warranty claim.

Every form of guarantee becomes obsolete if a lack has arisen as a result of or results from injudicious or improperly use of it, incorrect storage or maintenance to that by the Consumer and/or by third parties when, without written authorisation of Uv Trading, the consumer or third party has introduced or has tried to introduce modifications to the product.

Article 9. Water resistance

The Consumer knows the meaning of the different ratings of water resistance as explained in this article. The different ratings of water resistance, measured in ATM (atmosphere, 1 ATM corresponds to 10 meters of depth), are pure theoretical values. They give the maximum water pressure a watch will survive under circumstances without any motion at constant room temperature. This is a laboratory situation that can never occur in reality, especially not when swimming or diving. Any motion of a watch underwater will for example increase the water pressure on it enormously. Therefore a watch may never be worn at depths it was tested on in laboratory testmachines. The following overview shows the usage possibilities at the different ratings of water resistance.
  • Water Resistant 1 ATM
    Restricted measures against the penetration of water. Contact with water must be avoided.
  • Water Resistant 3 ATM
    Resistant against light splashes of water in the rain or when washing hands (do not immerse).
  • Water Resistant 5 ATM
    Resistant against water in the rain, when washing hands or doing kitchen work (brief immersing is possible).
  • Water Resistant 10 ATM
    Suitable for swimming, taking a shower and snorkeling.
  • Water Resistant 20 ATM
    Resistant against water when diving to a maximum depth of 30 meters.
  • Water Resistant 100 ATM
    Suitable for scuba diving.

Article 10. Liability

If the products provided by Uv Trading are no good, the liability of Uv Trading with respect to the Consumer are restricted to what has been set out in these general terms and conditions under "Warranty".

Uv Trading is not responsible if damage results from injudicious or improper use of the Consumer.

Under no circumstances can Uv Trading be made responsible for any damage of any kind caused by the use or in connection with the use of the product(s) provided, whether direct or indirect damage or consequential damage, including loss of profit.

In case Uv Trading is kept responsable, for any reason whatsoever, to compensate any damage, then the compensation will be limited to the amount paid for the concerning product.

Article 11. Force Majeure

Uv Trading shall not have any liability or be considered to be in breach or default of its obligations to the Consumer due to causes beyond its reasonable control.

Article 12. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These terms and conditions are governed by and subject to Dutch law. A Dutch court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the settlement of disputes.

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